Client Success Stories

My property was scheduled to be sold on October 30, 2013. I had done everything I could to negotiate with the lender about a postponement but I kept getting the run-around. 3 days before the sale was to take place, I hired AOE law & Associates, Inc. They filed an emergency motion before the court and obtained a preliminary Injunction that stopped the sale of my home. Because of the work of AOE Law & Associates, I am still the owner of my house. Thank you to the expert legal team at AOE Law & Associates, Inc.

M. H.

Northridge, CA.


I lost my husband a few months ago and while I was grieving I learned for the first time that my marriage was no valid. I hired AOE Law & Associates and they filed a putative spouse petition for me. While the petition was pending, the administrator of my husband’s estate filed a lawsuit to evict me from the home I shared with my husband for over 12 years. The team at AOE Law & Associates went to Court and obtained an Injunction that immediately stopped the eviction lawsuit.  Thank you AOE Law & Associates for keeping me in my home.


San Dimas, CA


I rented my property to an Individual who refused to pay rent for several months. I attempted to evict him on my own but he frustrated me by having several individuals join the case and even filed Bankruptcy to stall things. I hired A. O. E. Law & Associates, they were able to quickly obtained a writ of possession against my tenant, they went to Bankruptcy Court and got relief from stay and were able to accomplish the eviction in only a few weeks. I am very pleased to be back in my home. Thank you AOE Law.


Van Nuys, CA


I fell on hard times in 2010 and could not pay my mortgage. I tried to get a modification with Bank of America but they kept giving me the run around until they foreclosed on my home in 2011. I tried to tell the investors that there had been a mistake but they just laughed at me and initiated an eviction lawsuit against me. I was scared that I would be evicted from my home. A friend referred me to A. O. E. Law & Associates. A.O.E Law got me my home back , got me a handsome settlement and now I have affordable mortgage payments. 


Mission Hills, CA


I had a domestic violence conviction with my spouse and was placed in removal proceedings as a result of that. I came to A. O. E. Law & Associates to seek help. The Attorneys immediately started working on my case. They went to criminal court and vacated my domestic violence conviction and got the immigration court to dismiss my case.  I am so happy I hired A.O. E. Law & Associates to handle my immigration case. Because of them, I no longer live in fear of being deported.


Fontana CA


I am a registered nurse. Many years ago I was convicted of a crime and I lost my license and consequently was put in removal proceedings.  I had seven different lawyers work on my case and none of them could help me. I was given a bag and baggage letter from Immigration with a date to depart the United States. Two days before I was to surrender to Immigration, I hired the attorneys in A. O. E. Law & Associates to represent me.  They went to Court immediately, vacated my conviction, cancelled my deportation and I am now a United States Citizen.  A. O. E. Law & Associates also helped me get my license back. I owe my stay in the USA to A. O. E. Law & Associates.


Northern, CA


I was wrongfully accused of a crime and I even offered to spend some time in jail because I did not want to go through the stress and expense of trial but the government refused and wanted to send me to jail for extended period of time. I was referred to A. O. E. Law & Associates. They took my case to trial and got a unanimous jury verdict exonerating me of all charges!


Pomona, CA 


We own few restaurants and three houses. Due to the economic downturn, which resulted in decreased business income and tenants, we were unable to pay our staff, and service our loans. We consulted   A.O.E. Law & Associates to seek help. A.O.E. Law & Associates accepted our case and represented us in Court. Now we are able to keep our business and our houses for less than the original loan amount. We also have reduced payments and interest rate. We are very grateful to A. O. E. Law and Associates. 


Los Angeles, CA


I was involved in an auto accident. I was referred to A. O. E. Law & Associates through a friend. The Attorneys at A. O. E. Law & Associates negotiated with the insurance companies for me and when a resolution could not be reached, they filed a lawsuit and were able to get me a settlement that got my medical bills paid and money in my pocket. Thank you A. O. E. Law & Associates.!!

N. N.

Los Angeles, CA


We have three apartment complexes, two single family houses that we use as rental and our residential property. When the recession hit in 2008, all our real properties were under water, credit market froze up, tenants were unable to pay rent and our world was crashing debt with debt. We jumped from one attorney to another until one attorney referred us to A. O. E. Law and Associates. The Attorneys at A. O. E. Law listened to us, filed our case in Court and brought our loans down to the value of our real properties and also reduced the payments and interest rate on our loans. We still own all our assets with savings of over half a million dollars!


San Fernando Valley, CA