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Asylum, Appeals, H1-B Visas & More
Immigration Law

U.S. immigration law can be extremely complex and requires competent counsel. The attorneys at A. O. E. Law & Associates, Inc. provide immediate attention to our clients to ensure that every petition is diligently prepared and thoroughly analyzed. We provide competent legal representation.

Buying /Selling Property, Foreclosures & More
Real Estate Law

Our firm works hard to make sure our clients are not unfairly treated by their lenders regarding residential real estate. We have sued many banks for damages resulting from wrongful foreclosure; we seek Quiet Title, Cancellation of Deed, and Damages for Promissory Estoppel, Declaratory Relief and Injunctions.

Labor & Employment
Employment Law

We have experienced lawyers in labor relations and employment issues, such as collective bargaining, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, occupational safety, wage and hour requirements.

International Asset Forfeiture & Cross-Border Asset Recovery
Asset Recovery

As we often remark, a strong defense translates into a strong offense. Our expertise in asset forfeiture defense qualifies us to prosecute similar cases in that we are knowledgeable about the defense strategies and leverage such knowledge and capabilities to successfully represent our clients on the victim-owner side of forfeiture proceedings.

Chapter 11, 13, 7
Bankruptcy Law

These days, it is almost impossible to avoid acquiring debt – whether from operating a business, maintaining a house or purchasing a vehicle. At A.O.E LAW & ASSOCIATES, we recognize the financial challenges that people face when they are unable to pay their bills.

Commercial, Civil Rights, Business & More
General Civil Litigation

We represent clients in civil and commercial matters, including breach of contract actions, business torts cases, bankruptcy and adversary proceedings, product liability litigation, franchisor-franchisee litigation. At A. O. E. Law & Associates, Inc. we have substantial experience litigating all aspects of civil cases on behalf of Individual and Corporate clients.