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Criminal Defense Law

Criminal Defense

Federal criminal charges can be much more serious than state charges, largely because of the impact of federal sentencing guidelines upon conviction. It is essential to work with a California federal criminal defense lawyer who knows federal criminal law and has experience in federal court. At A. O. E. Law and Associates, we are committed to protecting our client’s rights. We represent clients charged in federal courts throughout all of California and beyond. We know that the outcome of your case could have a catastrophic impact on your life. We are on your side and defend you every step of the way

Our Federal Practice Areas:

We provide h4 and effective legal representation in all federal criminal cases, such as charges of fraud, internet crimes, corruption, large drug quantities, money laundering, white collar crimes and RICO. Specifically:

Federal Drug Crimes

We represent individuals charged with large –scale drug possession, drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, and conspiracy to import drugs. We ensure that government agents follow all constitutional requirements in any search of your property including canine (K-9) searches. The quantity and purpose of drug possession such as possession for sale rather than possession for use, often determines the range of punishment. Our areas of practice include:

• Club drugs- MDMA (ecstasy), LSD and GHB (Date rape drug)

• Cocaine and crack cocaine

• Drug Conspiracy charges

• Drug cultivation and manufacturing

• Drug trafficking, transportation and importation

• Heroin possession and sales

• Marijuana possession and sales

• Methamphetamine manufacturing and sales

• Possession of chemicals for drug manufacturing

• Possession with intent to deliver and drug sales

• False or forged prescriptions

• Police sting operations

Bankruptcy Fraud

Many people face charges of Bankruptcy fraud by mistake as in cases where a person fails to provide information in his bankruptcy for all his finances and assets because he does not know for example that a hidden trust fund was set up by a family member in his name and for his benefit. These cases can be extremely difficult to defend therefore you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. At A. O. E. Law & Associates, we have successfully defended several clients charged with Bankruptcy fraud so call us today!

White Collar Crimes

Many ordinary Americans and foreigners make bad judgment because they have access to large amounts of money that is not their own. Financial pressures due to high credit card debt, hospital bills or a gambling addition for example can result in an arrest for a white collar crime, such as embezzlement, property theft, wire fraud, bank fraud, or mail fraud. We may be able to get a pre-indictment settlement of the case for clients who agree to pay restitution. Further, we have also helped businesses, contractors and other professionals accused of the following crimes:
• Business fraud

• Accounting fraud

• Bank fraud

• Forgery

• Insider trading

Health Care Fraud

As health care becomes an increasingly prevalent concern, more lawsuits are filed against health care providers. Meanwhile, laws pertaining to such lawsuits are constantly changing. Any health care providers accused of fraud must hire the best defense attorneys available or risk losing their businesses. We provide assistance in the following areas:

• Medicare fraud

• Medicaid fraud

• Health insurance fraud

• Medical billing fraud

Internet Crimes

Our office hires the best computer forensic experts to provide the h4est defense to our clients. When federal or state law enforcement pursues our clients, we evaluate the circumstances to answer the following among other questions: Was illegal entrapment involved in the investigation? We have helped several clients in the following areas:

• Internet identity theft

• Sale of illegal products, such as illegal drugs

• Internet gambling

• Work-at-home schemes

Juvenile Law

Most criminal defense attorneys concentrate their practice on adult cases and rarely practice in juvenile court. Because of this, these criminal defense lawyers often lack the experience & knowledge to effectively represent children in juvenile court. These attorneys are often out of their comfort zone when they appear in juvenile court. They are often unaware of the Welfare and Institutions Code and the local juvenile court procedures in place. Many of the rules, procedures and defense strategies in Juvenile Court are different than adult court. There is no right to a jury trial and there is no right to bail. Therefore a well-known criminal defense lawyer in adult could be incompetent in juvenile court. Don’t hire an inexperienced juvenile defense lawyer. Your child’s freedom and future is at stake.

• We have the specialized training and knowledge to effectively defend your child.

• Our Juvenile Defense Lawyers possess an enhanced level of knowledge, skill and experience in juvenile law. If you are a parent whose child is facing a juvenile delinquency case, it is very important to get an experienced juvenile defense attorney to help your child. At A. O. E. Law & Associates, our attorneys have the experience and dedication to provide superior defense for your child.
We also represent people who are targets of federal investigations or who suspect that they may be under investigation, people who are being interviewed as witnesses, and people who have been named persons or interest in federal criminal administrative law of EPA/OSHA.
Beginning with a law enforcement or grand jury investigation, an arrest, a criminal complaint filed by a federal agency, a federal grand jury indictment, or at any state of your federal criminal case, we are on your side, protecting your rights. At your detention hearing, preliminary hearing, or bail and bond hearing, we will fight to minimize the impact of the criminal prosecution on your reputation and your life.
We Investigate Every Detail of Cases Prosecuted Under Federal Criminal Law
We do not take any criminal accusation at face value. As soon as you notify us of the government’s potential interest in you, we will immediately begin a thorough investigation of all of the facts and the case against you. We will interview any witnesses, closely examine any witness statement to law enforcement and perform a careful examination of every material fact, including financial statements, documents, emails, surveillance and other evidence. We will determine how the evidence was gathered and if the government obtained evidence illegally, we will expose and move to have such evidence excluded.